Court San Felice is a unique, complete and sustainable structure, autonomous in terms of energy supply and equipped with several facilities. South oriented as the ancient rural courts and arranged in a horseshoe. The courtyard enjoys a good solar exposure throughout the day. A photovoltaic system meets the energy requirements and a set of solar panels contributes to the production of hot water for sanitary use.

Seventeen rooms of different sizes, for a total of 30 beds, constitute the accommodation capacity of the large structure. Each room has its own name and its own specificity. All of them equipped with technologically advanced comforts.

The spacious and welcoming reception is the front door of the agritourism; the place to receive immediate assistance thanks to a qualified professional staff.

Two multi-purpose rooms: the “small” one with a capacity up to 25 people, is the ideal place for meetings, educational sessions, training or cultural events or simply a relaxation area, while the “larg” one can accommodate up to 200 people. It is located in a separate building used for events of any kind, also aimed to promote the area and the rural heritage, which requires a lot of space and special facilities.

The square, outside the agritourism Corte San Felice, made of porphyry cubes placed one by one like a peacock's tail, according to ancient traditions, is the real heart of the structure. A meeting place that connects the wing of the building destinated to the rooms and the multi-purpose rooms, with the wine cellar and the space used for the grapes withering.

A large parking area of over 2500 square meters completes the space available to guests, not forgetting, of course, what is all around the structure and the three hectares of cherry crops, the three hectares of olive and the seven hectares covered with vineyards which outline the characteristics of uniqueness and quality.

Corte San Felice has a playground for kids and a green area with sweet deers and lively hares.



WIFI: Corte San Felice has a free and speed wireless internet connection activated by our reception staff on request of the guest that can use it for the entire period of stay, to be connected from laptop or tablet with internet flat connection for work, leisure or entertainment.

Parking: the entrance to the agritourism Corte San Felice is preceded by a large parking area dedicated to cars and bus. With the over 2500 square km of space, even large size buses can maneuver easily. Covered entirely with natural gravel, it allows drainage of rainwater and prevents the typical summer phenomena of overheating that usually happens with traditional asphalt.

Transfer: the staff of the agritourism Corte San Felice is at your disposal to organize transfers to and from Corte San Felice by car, minivan or coach with driver. You can book the service at the reception, by e-mail or by calling the main phone number.

Translator / Interpreter: Verona, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, known as the city of love, thanks to the novel of Romeo and Juliet (by Shakespeare), must be visited even in its most hidden corners. Corte San Felice offers a tour guide service for Italian and foreign guests, with a qualified and multilingual staff. Within the structure, you can also require a translation or interpreting service during conferences or sessions.


Bicycles: our structure also offers 6 rental bikes for walk in the countryside around us or to reach historical center of Verona


Check-in: 4 pm - 10 pm

Check-out: 7am - 10 am

Late check-out: (based on availability) up to 2 pm


Accepted Credit Card: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Bancomat, American Express.


Pets: not allowed.



Materials research, attention to detail, high technology for a mix of design, comfort and functionality. Corte San Felice is unique in the panorama of the national accommodations, both in terms of architecture and concept.
Its horseshoe shape, is clearly inspired by the ancient rural courts, where the buildings were south oriented in order to have the light of sun throughout the day. The three wings of the buildings, from which rise the two side towers, embrace the inner square which, in the past, was a place of aggregation and exchange of ideas and experiences. All around, the land is fully integrated with the structure that rises in total symbiosis with rows of vines and cherry trees.



From form to substance. Every architectural detail of Corte San Felice has its specific function. Nothing is left to chance. As well as the choice of materials used in the structural components and furnishings. The central square is paved with hand porphyry resistant, with its wrought iron benches and its insignia brass handmade by Piedmont craftsmen. The supporting structures of the hedges and the floors are made with quality wood as the floors of the bedrooms and common areas, with Italian fine oak and moth-eaten beech parquet, until the use of red and white stone of Lessinia, embellished with some fossil ammonite, for floors and ornaments including the particular sinks in the bathrooms.



Double-layer walls, doors internally coated with cork and latest generation windows contribute in an exceptional soundproof barrier to have an high quality sound insulation. The system PAVATHERM also provides thermal insulation thanks to an aeration chamber that adjusts the temperature in both summer and winter. Natural materials such as wood and an innovative plant system complete the work providing temperature stability and high comfort.

All heatingplant of Corte San Felice are radiant floor. The transfer of heat from the ground to the indoor environment is by irradiation, giving a feeling of well-being. With regard to the cooling system, instead, the structure has a split system with a number of indoor units that, if necessary, also function as a heat pump.



Corte San Felice, in addition to being developed taking into account the most modern techniques of thermal insulation, which contribute significantly to improve the energy performance of the structure with a consequent saving of economic resources, it has a 200 kW photovoltaic system for its energy needs and some solar panels to produce hot water for domestic use.

In order to cope with the demand for irrigation water of the surrounding fields and green spaces Corte San Felice is also equipped with a well for the direct withdrawal of water. The structure collect waste to contribute in the maximum respect of the environment.


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